e5 Integration with SharePoint: What and Why?

25 October 2012
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An interview with Craig Van Zeyl, e5 CEO: e5’s integration with SharePoint and what e5 Business Workflow delivers above and beyond SharePoint 2010 or 2013....

All the Business Needs is a “Business Workflow Solution.”

16 October 2012
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All the Business Needs is a Business Workflow Solution. Whether it's BPM, BPMS, ACM, etc. is not relevant....

BPM Cloud Requires a New Business Model to Add Optimum Business Value

10 September 2012
I’m not saying that Cloud offers no value. Rather, I am saying that Cloud offers the technology and the opportunity to deliver far more customer value through an improved business model....

Do Hard Benefits Really Matter? Duh!

21 August 2012
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Recently, I spent some time with an e5 implementation partner to work on a joint marketing campaign. As part of our discussions, we talked about e5 'diffentiators'....