Business Workflow Using Microsoft SQL Server 2012

e5 Workflow was built with performance, scalability, security, and ease of deployment in mind so it comes as no surprise that e5 utilizes Microsoft SQL Server, the world’s fastest growing database server, as its information platform. With e5 and SQL Server, our partners and customers build case management solutions on an enterprise-ready foundation with a self-service BI tool that delivers the best possible ROI and lowest possible TCO.

e5 leverages several important SQL Server 2012 features including the Business Intelligence Semantic Model (BISM). BISM allows aspects of the traditional multidimensional model to coexist with the relational model in a format called the tabular model. The BISM integration with Power Pivot and Power View delivers a comprehensive set of business analysis tools that provide for easier interaction, presentation, and manipulation of e5 processing metrics. Business users can easily create and interact with multi-dimensional data views on an ad-hoc basis, delivering the information to quickly make changes in the business workflow to re-prioritize and re-route tasks to ensure top productivity and compliance with SLAs.

SQL Server 2012 also significantly improves database performance and now includes built in mission-critical, high-availability and sophisticated disaster recovery features. As a result, e5 users see improved database performance and own a platform better equipped to deliver highly resilient case management and business workflow solutions.


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