At e5, we’re passionate about what we do; dedicated to providing high quality service and constantly looking for ways we can innovate to develop ourselves and the solutions we provide to our clients.

We have developed a culture based on enthusiasm, teamwork, and continuous improvement. From this, we strive to provide a challenging and rewarding work environment and opportunities for each of us to stretch our capabilities and grow.

Most of our projects are team-based and provide the chance for staff at all levels to learn from the strengths and experience of other team members, not just technically but working together and collaborating to engineer, sell, consult on, market and support the highest quality products.

Our product development team works closely with Microsoft and our clients to incorporate the latest thinking and technology into our product development cycles. We are directly involved in a number of Microsoft Development Programs and have a strong relationship with the Microsoft technical team. From this relationship, we leverage significant technical knowledge and skills. This provides all our team members the opportunity to work with the latest software releases and products, which let us provide solutions to our clients that add value and maximize our competitive advantage.

We believe in on-going training. We individually tailor programs to meet the needs of the company and the interests of each employee. Depending on the requirements, we participate in externally supervised certification programs, on-line learning, internal technical development sessions, non-technical training, and technical short courses that develop specific skills. We also attend conferences and events to encourage knowledge sharing and the opportunity to meet and list to relevant industry thought leaders.

We value the contribution of each team member and recognize the importance of giving timely feedback on performance throughout the year. Assignment appraisals are completed on each team member at the conclusion of each assignment and annual performance reviews and career planning are carried out in March of each year.

We work hard to provide a professional but fun environment that provides opportunities for everyone.


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