e5 Electronic Communications

Centralise capture of all incoming emails and faxes to prevent work getting lost in individual mailboxes.

Auto Create Work Items

Incoming emails, faxes and web forms create work items automatically and require no effort from the user.

Outbound documents and emails are automatically generated using standard templates.


  • e5 Exchange Listeners generate and classify work items from incoming emails and faxes.

  • Selected data can be entered on the work item automatically.


  • e5 Exchange Listeners monitor selected mailboxes.

  • Simple parameters control how the emails are classified and processed when they enter the mailbox.


  • e5 Exchange Listeners classify and launch new work items.

  • They can enter fields in the work item with selected information.


  • Any number of Listeners can be created, each taking different actions, depending on the mailbox monitored.

  • Listeners monitor inboxes or sent items and attach the emails/faxes to the work items.