e5 Leverages Your Health Insurance Software to Improve the ‘People Process’.

Health insurance organizations, both large and small, face uncertainty in today’s economic and regulatory environment but the debatable future of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) isn’t preventing payers from focusing on what needs to be done to lower costs, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance patient care.

To that end, many health care payers are implementing technology to better manage administrative tasks and get work done better and faster – particularly high-human touch, repetitive tasks such as what we find with claims processing or membership services. While many larger payers have implemented business process management (BPM) solutions in the past, the industry now recognizes that adaptive (or dynamic) case management solutions are better adapted to optimize collaborative processes that integrate your people, processes, existing insurance software, health data, documents, policies, and protocols.

e5’s adaptive case management solution leverages and transforms your existing claims processing, new business processing, and other legacy insurance software to optimize and automate your manual back-office processes, improve people productivity and work quality while reducing cycle time. And since e5 is built on SharePoint 2010/2013 Workflow, small to medium-size payers have a solution that delivers the best ROI and lowest TCO of any other workflow/BPM solution. Read a case study about how one e5 customer improved SLA compliance of claims from 5% to 94% within 8 weeks of implementation and onto 98% within one year.


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