e5 Integration with SharePoint

e5’s integration with SharePoint 2010/2013 delivers a production workflow environment whether you are a small to medium business (SMB) or Global 2000 company because e5 leverages SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server Standard 2010, or SharePoint Server Enterprise 2010 as the platform for developing solutions.

Integration with SharePoint provides e5 customers and partners with a flexible and scalable framework to assemble and configure small to very high production case management solutions. And, if your organization uses Microsoft Windows Server, e5’s capture and storage viewing functionality leverages SharePoint Foundation, which comes at no extra charge. This means that Microsoft Windows/ e5 clients get a highly functional document repository without the added costs.

SMB organizations or departments within larger companies can start using the free version of SharePoint and, when required, extend all the way to an enterprise version across tens of thousands of users who may be managing millions of documents – all with the same e5 code. And while SharePoint tightly integrates across a broad suite of Microsoft products, it is also a platform for thousands of Microsoft partners to build add-on applications, all of which can be integrated into your e5 case management solution.

SharePoint also provides a security layer to control access to all pages, documents, and e5 screens, at both a user and a group level. e5 expands this capability by providing an audit trail of all user activity in order to support regulatory compliance requirements such as those associated with HIPAA, PCI DSS, BASEL III, The Patriot Act, etc.

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