Medical Laboratory Billing: Improving the People Process

Every year, laboratory billing gets more complex with on-going changes in payer practices, increasing compliance requirements and the anticipated challenges associated with Accountable Care Organizations (ACO). And, with an aging population and improved diagnostic testing, billing volumes are increasing. Many labs cope with this changing landscape by hiring more billing representatives which increases costs, does not improve billing practices, nor improve accounts receivable performance.

People Process

Improving The People Process

While Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) automate medical billing systems, these systems by themselves don’t improve the people process. For this reason, laboratories are looking at adaptive case management solutions, integrated with their LIMS or billing systems, to improve medical billing accuracy, reduce expenses, ensure compliance, and ultimately improve cash collections.

e5 adaptive case management automates and optimizes the people process associated with repeatable, yet unpredictable back-office work within medical billing. And e5’s integration with SharePoint, delivers a cost-effective, lean framework, delivering the best ROI and lowest TCO of any workflow/BPM solution.

Read the case study on how Regional Medical Laboratory, a nationally-renowned commercial pathology laboratory, located on the St. John Medical Center Campus in Tulsa, Oklahoma, realized a 50% productivity improvement and 66% improvement in SLA compliance with e5.


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