Production Workflow with e5 and Windows Azure

Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions contain Windows Azure and Microsoft Office365 (which includes Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, and Lync Server) and provides the infrastructure to run a high availability, production workflow e5 solution.

With the Microsoft and e5 Cloud Case Management Solution, your organization avoids the upfront infrastructure costs – the monthly subscription fees let you only pay for what you need right now:


  • The administration costs and underlying infrastructure of the e5 solution are eliminated.
  • e5 provides a highly elastic solution. You can rapidly grow or shrink the scale of your system without a capital investment. You can start with an e5 Case Management Solution with 5 users and with the click of a switch, you can scale up to a production workflow system supporting thousands of users and millions of documents.
  • Azure and e5 support disaster recovery and high availability in the primary data center as well as the ability to fall back to geographically remote data centers. This is in strong support of your Business Continuity Planning (BCP), HIPAA, PCI, SOX, ISO, and Basel III high availability requirements.
  • As the cloud computing platform, Microsoft partners are building thousands of applications, all of which can be integrated with your e5 case management solution.

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