e5 + SharePoint 2010/2013 Workflow = Optimum ROI

e5’s integration with SharePoint enhances collaboration by combining, optimizing and automating high human touch, unpredictable and unrepeatable back-office processes with the content and data required to perform the task. This content and data is structured and unstructured – derived from your existing systems, databases, documents, business rules, people interactions, and transactions.

Combined, e5 and SharePoint 2010/2013 Workflow deliver unprecedented benefits to both large and small organizations:

  • Puts automated workflow design and process mapping into the hands of the business analyst eliminating IT support, costs and delays awaiting IT projects to be prioritized and resourced.
  • Provides the ability to automate business processes in a matter of hours/weeks vs. months, lowering risk.
  • Delivers a dashboard-driven solution and the business analysis tools to continuously improve and control your processes.
  • Automates the capture of “as-is” information allowing the business users to focus on “to-be” business workflow improvements to deliver a higher quality implementation in short cycles.
  • Allows an organization to execute and manage change in phases, at a pace comfortable for the enterprise, simplifying user training and improving user acceptance.
  • Delivers the best ROI and lowest TCO when compared to Java-based or proprietary workflow/BPM solutions.

SharePoint 2010/2013 Workflow and e5 deliver a production workflow environment that can handle the large and complex work volumes within Global 2000 organizations at a price that small-to-medium (SMB) organizations can afford.


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