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Process Mapping
The result of process mapping is a workflow illustration that visually represents all activities including the handling of exceptions.With e5, no up-front process analysis is required.

Sharepoint 2010/2013 workflow
e5’s integration with SharePoint enhances collaboration by combining, optimizing and automating high human touch, unpredictable and unrepeatable back-office processes with the content and data required to perform the task.

Insurance software
e5’s adaptive case management solution leverages and transforms your existing claims processing, new business processing, and other legacy insurance software to optimize and automate your manual back-office processes, improve people productivity and work quality while reducing cycle time.

Insurance system
Health insurance organizations, both large and small, are not waiting for the final decisions to be made regarding the future of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). To remain competitive and grow market share, payers are taking concrete steps to lower costs, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance patient care.

People process
e5 adaptive case management automates and optimizes the people process associated with repeatable, yet unpredictable back-office work within medical billing. And e5’s integration with SharePoint, delivers a cost-effective, lean framework, delivering the best ROI and lowest TCO of any workflow/BPM solution.

Business process analysis
A major gating factor to quick implementation of workflow/BPM solutions is that the business process analysis must be done prior to writing one line of code. This analysis process can take weeks to months depending on the size of the organization/department and complexity of the solution.

Business workflow
e5 leverages several important SQL Server 2012 features including the Business Intelligence Semantic Model (BISM). BISM allows aspects of the traditional multidimensional model to coexist with the relational model in a format called the tabular model.

Document workflow
e5 leverages SQL Server 2012 BISM integration with Power Pivot and Power View to deliver a comprehensive set of business analysis tools that provide for easier interaction, presentation, and manipulation of e5 processing metrics. Business users can easily create and interact with multi-dimensional data views on an ad-hoc basis, delivering the information to quickly make changes in the business workflow to re-prioritize and re-route tasks to ensure top productivity and compliance with SLAs.

Business analysis tools
e5 Insight provides the business analysis tools you need to measure productivity improvements in real-time using monitors and reports.

Integration with Sharepoint
Integration with SharePoint provides e5 customers and partners with a flexible and scalable framework to assemble and configure small to very high production case management solutions.

Production workflow
Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions contain Windows Azure and Microsoft Office365 (which includes Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, and Lync Server) and provides the infrastructure to run a high availability, production workflow e5 solution.

Medical claims processing
A healthcare payer introduces e5 and dramatically improves medical claims processing. Within 8 months, SLA jumps from 5% to 94%, discover how…