TamGroup is a technology integrator delivering solutions that harness their expertise in transformation, analytics and mobility to drive innovation and deliver results. TamGroup serves clients across the United States in industries ranging from healthcare to utilities to retail.


Organizational evolution is inevitable and the line between business process and technology capabilities continues to fade. TamGroup helps organizations understand, select and implement tailored solutions that provide insights and address the needs of their changing business environment. Their dedicated teams work to ensure fluid delivery of services from problem identification through concept design, implementation and support.

For more information please visit www.tamgroup.com or visit their Connect page.

We understand how important it is to deliver and support high quality workflow solutions for our clients. That is why we choose to partner with solution focused, skilled e5 partners to help you every step of the way.

If you are a system integrator or application developer and are looking for a new revenue opportunity, please contact sales@e5workflow.com. We continue to look for partners to deliver turnkey projects, help architect our clients’ e5 workflow solutions, and assist with ongoing improvements.